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My SQL Tutorials - View Basics

The Basic View:     A simple view can be thought of as a subset of a table. It can be used for retrieving data, as well as updating or deleting rows. Rows updated or deleted in the view are updated or deleted in the table the view was created with. It should also be noted that as data in the original table changes, so does data in the view. This is because a view isn't really a table itself, but only a way to look at part of the original table. First you must create the view. From then on, just as if it were a table, you can use the view. Here is a example of creating a basic view...  

Create View ViewInternetUsers (AcctStatus)
As Select AcctStatus
From InternetAccts_Table,
Where User_Last_Name equals "Burton"
and User_First_Name equals "Tim";

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