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My JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript is a language that allows the programmer to add some clever aspects to his website with not too much difficulty. You can do almost anything using JavaScript. For instance you can perform an image rollover or redirect someone to a particular page or even display the data and time. Many of these examples are described within the following tutorials. If you have any nifty ideas that I should know about, please email the web-master. See a tutorial your interested on the link to be brought to it.

JavaScript Control Structures:
If_Else Do one thing or another
While While something is true (check before)
Do While Do..While something is true (check after)
For Initialize, check, and increment variable
Switch Check a value against a list
JavaScript Dialog Boxes:
Alert Popup Windows Pop-up windows with a message
Confirm Popup Windows Yes/No Pop-up windows
Prompt Popup Windows Get user input
JavaScript Examples:
Image Rollovers Image swapping on mouse rollovers
Display the Date and Time The code to display the date and time for Internet Explorer and Netscape
JavaScript's Version of Redirect JavaScript's own version of redirect
JavaScript -Beyond The Basics:
Form Validation How to validate form data prior to sending the data
Email Validation How to validate the email format prior to sending the data
Textbox Automatic Resizing How to automaticly expand a form's textbox
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Giving Credit Where Credit is Due: Where I got some of my JavaScript examples from....

Last Updated: May 25, 2010

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