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My Java Tutorials

Java can be used to enhance ones website or aplication. With the ues of java one can view the exact same webpage content on multiple platforms with no added effort.If the user were to view the source code for the page, all he would see would be the html. You can do a whole bunch of neat things with a website using java applets. Some of these you can see in action within my site. For instance you can add, update, and delete items in a database within an asp page. You can also personalize your site with the use of applets. If you have any nifty ideas that I should know about, please email the web-master. See a tutorial your interested on the link to be brought to it.

Java - Basic Fundamental Examples:
Java Basics classes, objects, variables, and methods
Primitive Variables byte, short, int, long, float, double, boolean
Control Structures switch, if/else, for loop, while, do/while, break/continue.
Constructor Methods A fine example of a constructor method
Accessor Methods A fine example of an accessor method
Mutator Methods A fine example of a mutator method
Static Variables class scope variables
Static Methods class scope methods
Casting changing the class of an object
Inheritance extending classes
The 'This' Keyword An example of the 'this' keyword
The 'Super' Keyword An example of the 'super' keyword
Accessibility private, package, protected, and public
Abstract Classes abstract classes
Interfaces interfaces
Java - Beyond the Basics - Sorting and Searching Algorithims:
Linear Searches How to search for data within an array using a linear search
Binary Searches How to search for data within an aray using a binary search
The Buble Sort How to sort data in an aray using the buble sort technique
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Last Updated: May 25, 2010

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