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Active Server Pages use a language called Visual Basic Script (more commonly known as VB Script). One can think of VB Script as a language similar to C and C++. With VB Script you can make pages that, when viewed on the web look very similar to html pages. In fact, when you view the source of an asp page you may even notice html code. This is because you can tell the browser who is viewing the page to generate some html on the fly and therefore display the page as if it were an html page. If the user were to view the source code for the page, all he would see would be the html. You can do a whole bunch of neat things with asp. Some of these you can see in action within my site. For instance you can add, update, and delete items in a database within an asp page. You can also personalize your site within an asp page. If you have any nifty ideas that I should know about, please email the web-master. See a tutorial your interested on the link to be brought to it.

Beginner Active Server Page Examples:
Hello World Your first asp page....
Response.Write Using asp to write text or even some html or javascript
Response.Redirect Using asp to redirect a user to another page
The SELECT Statement The basic select statement used to talk to a database
Intermediate Active Server Page Examples:
Database Connection The basic explanation on how to connect to a database
The INSERT Statement How to insert new data into a database
The UPDATE Statement How to update a table in a database
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Last Updated: May 25, 2010

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