How might crowdcaring help heal the Boston bombings?

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I happened to land in Boston this past weekend and wrote about my experience for the Cognoscenti section of An excerpt:

For all the social media witch hunts and other abuses in the aftermath of the bombings, the opportunity to create media that heals rather than hates has never been greater. A new culture of “crowdcaring” appears to be taking hold, with social media activists and journalists alike developing apps and compassionate ideas to ease people’s pain and, well, act as if we really are all in this together.

In the hours immediately following the bombings, for example, Google made its People-Finder available to help people unable to connect with loved ones. And people throughout the region volunteered help on a Google Doc titled “I have a place to offer” linked from the Boston Globe’s website.

Although the specific need for those sites has passed, other needs remain. Will someone crowdcare those? Will I?

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